Representing you

As the only organisation recognised by Post Office Ltd to represent subpostmasters, the NFSP has a unique role.

We work closely with the Post Office to address operational and practical issues including remuneration, contract terms and conditions, security, products and services, and Network Transformation.

Network Transformation

Network Transformation (NT) affects every subpostmaster.

We know that modernisation is not for all subpostmasters, which is why we successfully negotiated with Post Office to secure 26 months compensation for those wishing to leave the network.

Many subpostmasters are taking advantage of this compensation offer and leaving the network. However, we know that for various practical and other reasons some subpostmasters are unable to leave, and we continue to press the Post Office to find fair and timely solutions for every subpostmaster wishing to exercise their right.

If you need advice, please get in touch.

Mails market

Income from Royal Mail products remains the largest single source of revenue for subpostmasters. The market is experiencing fundamental and long-term change, driven by the decline in letter volumes and a growing parcels market. Competition from new entrants and technologies means Post Office and Royal Mail must adapt, and quickly.

The NFSP is working with Royal Mail and the Post Office to focus on these challenges and develop appropriate responses, ensuring that the expertise of subpostmasters and the need for fair remuneration are included in discussions and decisions.


The future of the NFSP

Christine Donnelly
Great Milton Post Office and Forum Moderator