Your free benefits

As an NFSP member you benefit from our support and advice, as well as representation in negotiations with the Post Office – both for you personally and at national level. You also gain these FREE benefits:

Counselling helpline

24-hour access to a helpline service offering trained counselling support for any NFSP member suffering stress or anxiety of any sort. Calls cost just 5p per minute from a UK landline. 

Employment advice helpline

Free employment advice helpline for NFSP members to answer any question relating to employment matters, including:

• calculation of holiday entitlement

• management of long-term sickness

• employment aspects of buying or selling a post office 

• dismissal or redundancy of staff

• pension regulations 

• and any other employment-related matter

Identity theft cover

Free cover in the event of identity theft and the use of your personal information without your permission to commit fraud or other crime.  


Malicious attack / assault cover

Free cover for you and your staff in the event of malicious attack or assault that prevents you being able to carry out all or some of your duties as a subpostmasters.

Tax & VAT investigation insurance

Free cover for legal costs and expenses up to £50,000 in the event of tax or VAT investigation.

Legal & business advice helpline

24-hour access to a legal and business advice helpline for members at just 5p per minute from UK landlines (call charges from mobile phones will vary).

Legal documents

Free access to an online database of customisable legal documents – including will writing & tenancy agreements. The database also provides other useful legal resources on matters such as consumer complaints, problems with building work, and challenging parking tickets or speeding fines.

Pay and contracts information

Information and advice on the latest pay and Post Office contracts, as well as your obligations with regard to tax and National Insurance.

Financial Helpline

Specific financial support and advice for subpostmasters 

Tax advice helpline

Tax advice helpline for members at just 5p per minute from UK landlines (call charges from mobile phones will vary).

Wall Planner

Useful year planner to help you plan your business.