Sources of Funding

If you are looking for business loan finance to start or expand your enterprise there are various sources of finance available. See the list below for some examples - 

Mainstream bank lenders rectangle

Barclays:        0345 6052345

HBOS:               0345 6060286

HSBC:                              0800 0321770

Lloyds:                             0800 0560056

NatWest:                      0345 4135020

RBS:                                  0800 0961958

Santander:           0800 0687010

TSB:                                    0345 8353865

other lenders included

Al Rayan Bank (Sharia compliant):              0808 2565788

Allied Irish:                                 0870 2430331

Bank of Cyprus:                              0345 8505555

Bank of Ireland:                           0345 8501234

Charity Bank:                                      01732 441900

Clydesdale:                             0800 0323971

Co-op:                                      0800 764764

Triodos:                                                  0800 3282181

Yorkshire Bank:                        0800 0323971

Lenders who may help

If one of the previous lenders refuses your application and you get evidence of that in writing, you can then apply to:

 - The Fredericks Foundation runs a microloan fund for people who are starting or expanding businesses; see

- Start-up Loan (a UK Government-funded scheme); see

- Outset Finance works with entrepreneurs and helps them get ‘investment ready’ and is now an approved delivery partner for the Start-up Loan scheme; see

- South West Investment Group is one of a UK-wide network of not-for-profit Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs), often funded via central/local government, offering affordable loan finance for business. Only one funding application from a major bank need be declined before most (but not all) of its loans become available; see

Funding for young people

If you are under 31 and not in full time work and/or in possession of postgraduate qualifications, the Princes Trust may be able to assist with a test marketing grant or loan, provided you have first attended their enterprise course. See or phone 0800 842842

Funding for Ex Military

If you are ex-military, you may be eligible for help through the British Legion. See or phone 0800 1694073.

Crowd Finance

Crowd finance or crowd funding describes a cooperative approach by people who network and pool their money and other resources together, usually via the internet, to support ideas proposed by other people or groups/organisations. Sometimes referred to as ‘crowdsource funding’ or ‘equity crowdfunding’ there are a growing number of on-line platforms that might be worth investigating:







Business Angels

A Business Angel investor uses their personal disposable finance and business or professional experience to invest in the growth of a small business, generally in start-up or early stage. Angel investors can make investments on their own or as part of a group or syndicate. See The UK Business Angels Association at

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