Our vision, mission and values

Our mission is to support members to maximise income from their Post Office and retail businesses

An increasingly entrepreneurial, retail-oriented Post Office network has distinct needs with regard to support and representation. Our goal is to be a modern, professional trade association, providing effective representation for Post Office operators and supporting them to maximise income from their Post Office and retail businesses.

Our new agreement with Post Office Ltd provides the platform for NFSP to invest and develop a wider range of services. Building on our existing suite of services, we are developing new retail-orientated services, for example in business planning, financial management and retail skills that will support our members to build and grow successful Post Office and retail businesses.

We are strengthening our organisation, for example reinvigorating our local and regional structures by involving commercial partners and others to provide members with greater levels of support and networking, and with improved commercial opportunities.


  • Working with subpostmasters to provide advice, support and discounts to enable you to build a successful retail business.


  • Working with Post Office to support subpostmasters in practical and operational matters, and representing our members in negotiations, including contractual issues.
  • Ensuring that the expertise of subpostmasters is effectively utilised in the development of Post Office strategy, product development and marketing.


  • Building the profile and reputation of subpostmasters and Post Office business with external stakeholders, including customers and policy-makers.


Peter Collins
Grange Park Post Office, Blackpool