Parcelforce launches new service for online sellers

01 November 2017

Parcelforce Worldwide has launched what it describes as a 'new “booking journey”' on its website (, which it says will “allow customers to send parcels faster and easier than ever”.

Users can now register their details for free, to store order information and access numerous benefits online. PrePay functionality has been introduced to save time and users can pay using PayPal and any credit or debit card.

Online sellers can now integrate their e-commerce accounts including eBay and Amazon with Parcelforce Worldwide to ship their orders. The new booking journey helps customers to ship multiple parcels at once, increasing the ease of the process.

If customers use more than one e-commerce platform, Parcelforce Worldwide’s system will provide a central parcel booking hub by consolidating all sales in one place.

Gary Simpson, Managing Director of Parcelforce Worldwide, said: “We’ve listened to customer feedback and studied the way our website is used to help us come up with a smoother, more streamlined booking journey. The new journey offers customers a whole host of benefits alongside increased speed.”