Member comms survey iPad Mini winner

04 October 2017

Thanks to all those who completed the Member Communications Survey last month. The winner of the IPad Mini is Steve Harrison of Ewell Court, Epsom.

The survey asked for your views on how you would like to receive news and other updates from the NFSP.

Despite a limited response we received some interesting insights; the majority of people completing the survey were readers of the magazine, with most choosing to read the magazine for Post Office news and to feel part of the subpostmaster community. Some 78% reported they trust The SubPostmaster.

The hard copy publication remains popular but the survey also revealed that many now access news through social media and often on mobile phones and tablets. This is an area we will explore further to see whether there are changes we can make to how we communicate to make it easier for you to access the information and resources available as part of your NFSP membership.

Our aim is to provide engaging communications, in a format which suits you, and contains information which is useful to the day-to-day running of your business.  The feedback we have received from this, and the Reader Survey carried out earlier this year, will inform future developments.