How will you market and communicate your product or service to potential customers? It is important to clearly identify what message you want to send to your customers, and to ensure that message gets sent through a communication channel, or several, that your customers are likely to use. You need to be talking where your customers are listening!

Think through the 5 P’s of marketing:

Product, Place, Promotion, Price and People.

Few high street/community businesses are purely local in scope, as people visiting your catchment area may need your product and services. They may search the internet to see where they can obtain them even before they arrive in the area. It may therefore be useful to consider whether, and to what degree, online marketing could benefit your business.

For those businesses wanting specifically to attract visitors to their local area, it is worth investigating the opportunities available to market directly to the visitor economy within their local council website, through Tourist Information Centres etc.

Online marketing may be through your own website. This does not necessarily have to be complicated to be effective. Google are running a Getting British Business Online initiative, see You can also list your business in online directories, such as:




Consider registering your business with and alerting online review sites such as, or It is generally desirable to control the initial information these directories hold about you, rather than let a third party add it for you.


‘Brand’ has come to mean so much more than an identifying mark or logo; it has become central to the relationship with your audience and so it is a vital factor in every business. Therefore, any attempt to understand your business brand, no matter how simple, can only be a good thing; the clearer a business understands and communicates its value to people, the more appealing its offer. These websites can provide pointers to consider:


Social Media support:

Please take a look at this Post Office website for some great tips on why and how to use social media - 

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