Buying a Post Office


The NFSP understands how stressful a time it can be to buy and set up a new business. This area of our site has been developed to alleviate some of that and assist you through each stage. Whether that is support with a lease, ideas for retail solutions or even naming and branding your new business venture. At the NFSP we pride ourselves on being able to provide excellent levels of support, through our informed and friendly national retail team. 

Our Commitment is to provide a high quality, flexible and personalised service based on an agreed assessment of your individual goals and desired outcomes. Offering potential SubPostmasters real choice and control over how you progress and at what speed.

There are many aspects you should consider when buying a Post Office.

Research is critical to business success but one of those areas that we all may not like doing or give enough time too.

Through using the pages below you can explore all these avenues from Funding, Information about Post Office & Retail Business ideas as well as considering how this new venture could affect you personally.

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Business Start-Up Checklist

The business start-up checklist website below is intended to remind you of the tasks you may have to perform when starting your business.

Remember, not every small business will have to complete each step: