A 'social' boost for your business

23 June 2017

Last month we started a discussion about using Google for your business.  I revealed how many people use Google as their search engine and how important it was to ensure that all the information about your business in the public domain is correct.  The next step, if you are to take advantage of Google’s powerful search engine, is to complete a Google+ business page.

A Google+ business page is Google’s social media platform designed specifically for commercial users.  The objective is to allow businesses, customers and suppliers to connect to each other.

Let’s take a look at why is this useful to your Post Office & Retail business? 

  • It ensures that the information Google hold about your business is correct, as Google uses the information from your G+ business page profile in both Google Search and Google Maps.
  • You can communicate with your customers direct, by sharing information about your business or educating and entertaining them using text, photographs and video mediums. That way your customers/suppliers never miss an update as not only will it appear in their feed, your content also appears when Google search is used.
  • Customers can engage with you and +1 (like) your post, enabling you to comment back
  • You are able to communicate in “Circles” (Groups) which means you can share information that may only be relevant to that audience.
  • If customers leave feedback on Google about your business you are notified and you are able to reply.
  • You can verify your business on Google. The benefit of this is that the verification process helps you ensure that your business information is accurate and that only you as the business owner has access to amending it.

Setting up a Google business page is straightforward to do and Google will take you through how to do this.  You can claim your business by either searching for your business on Google Search and clicking on the “Own this business?” link or if the business is new by visiting

You will be asked to fill in details about your business i.e. business name, business type, address, opening hours etc. and also upload photographs for your profile, which includes a ‘profile picture’, cover photograph, your logo and any additional photographs you want to show your customers of your store and product range.

Next month I will be looking at how you can share information and engage with your audience using Google+.  If you feel that you could benefit from one of the Social Media workshops the NFSP’s Retail Team will be running in the future, why not register your interest now?