Benevolent Fund

The Benevolent Fund helps serving or retired subpostmasters and their dependents who fall on hard times.

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As a registered charity, founded in 1944, the aim of the Benevolent Fund is to grant temporary assistance in cases of need to serving or former subpostmasters. It can also offer help to serving or former NFSP employees and the widows, widowers, or children of any of these persons in cases of severe illness, bereavement or other domestic distress.

Full details of the Benevolent Fund's objects are available here.


The type of assistance which might be provided includes:

  • installing equipment in the post office to aid an individual’s ability to continue to work.
  • contributing towards the cost of supporting dependents in times of financial difficulty.
  • contributing towards holiday costs for individuals with a disability or who are convalescing.
  • adapting homes and privately owned vehicles for individuals with a disability.

The Benevolent Fund also finances a Trauma Counselling Helpline to assist following a traumatic situation or incident in life, such as trauma reaction after an attack or raid.


The Benevolent Fund relies on voluntary contributions, and we greatly appreciate any support you are able to provide. Our preferred way to receive donations from NFSP members is by deduction from your monthly Post Office salary through the charity payroll giving scheme. Simply fill in and return the payroll giving form to start donating to the Fund today.

If you are holding a fundraising event to raise money for the Fund, you can download a sponsorship form to keep track of your donations.

If you would like a Benevolent Fund collecting tin to place on your post office or retail counter, contact NFSP Headquarters or call 01273 452324.

NFSP members can access more information on the Benevolent Fund in the Member Directory.



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