About us

The NFSP is the independent voice of subpostmasters across the UK. Our aim is to help subpostmasters maximise income from their Post Office and retail businesses.

We do this by providing effective representation and direct services such as information and expert advice, for example on employment law, Post Office contracts and tax, as well as a range of specialist insurance and other support services. We also offer access to discounts on a wide range of commercial products and services.

"Building a successful Post Office and retail business requires hard work, commitment and support. Our new partnership with Post Office Ltd gives us the stability and platform to grow the range of support services we can offer postmasters, particularly in the retail space, to help them build successful businesses." – George Thomson, Chief Executive Officer.

As well as these national services, local and regional NFSP groups meet regularly to provide mutual support and advice for members.

The NFSP is the only organisation with which Post Office Ltd will discuss and consult on matters affecting subpostmasters including remuneration, terms & conditions and operational matters.

In July 2015, the NFSP and Post Office Ltd signed a landmark 15-year agreement. The aim of the agreement is to support long-term investment and the development of the NFSP to become a professional trade association offering a full range of retail and business development services for its members.

The agreement provides for free membership of the NFSP for all subpostmasters. 

Further detail is set out in the Grant Agreement (signed 21/07/15) and associated Novation Agreement (signed 8/12/2016).

The NFSP will continue to challenge Post Office and work hard to secure the best possible terms and conditions for Post Office operators. It will also work more closely with Post Office Ltd on business and product development, ensuring the insight and expertise of subpostmasters is integrated into commercial decision-making to help improve Post Office products, services and operations. 



Harry Goraya
Rosherville Post Office, London