Subpostmaster Magazine

July 2017

In July's edition, Local hero subpostmaster Sellathurai Chandrakumar and Post Office staff having been handing former Grenfell Tower residents a lifeline in the aftermath of the fire tragedy.  NFSP Retail Team launch their newly negotiated stationery deal for members and find out how Chris Wardle in our Post Office of the month manages to deliver excellent customer service whilst combining a busy post office a thriving c store and petrol forecourt.

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Subpostmaster Magazine

July 2017

Local hero subpostmaster Sellathurai Chandrakumar and Post Office staff having been handing former Grenfell Tower residents a lifeline in the aftermath of the fire tragedy. NFSP Retail Team launch their newly negotiated stationery deal for members and find out how Chris Wardle in our Post Office of the month manages to deliver excellent customer service whilst combining a busy post office a thriving c store and petrol forecourt.

June 2017

Find out on pages 10 & 11 how Post Office travel products could provide a profitable boost to your business. Troy Gardner & Jim Doran from the NFSP's retail team explain about the NFSP's amazing new service for members who are looking to refurbish their branches "Concept 2 Conclusion". Find out from Christine, who is Postmistress at Hopes of Longtown and is our featured Post Office of the month, how she makes her isolated business a real destination!

May 2017

Up to the challenge - Find out in our eight page report what happened at the 2017 NFSP conference. Barry Frost on page 21 shares with you his thoughts about what you should consider before signing a contract and David Gold from NFSP's retail team visits Nigel and Neil McCormack to discover their secrets of success in our Post Office of the Month article. And not forgetting you can win a prize up to the value of £10,000 by completing the NFSP's reader survey

April 2017

Find out in April's edition how Sid and Sukhi from Roseland Post Office branch increased their turnover 10 fold in two years in our feature article. The NFSP also announces a new partnership with Commercial Plus on page 8 which will be a vital part of the package of services we offer to our members and our CEO George Thomson on page 3 tells you about how the NFSP is working for you.

March 2017

In this March edition of “The Subpostmaster” Paul Cheema features as our NFSP Retailer of the month in the first of our new series. We introduce you to the first of our Retail Team “David Gold” and George Thomson shares with you his views on the business rate fears and how this may affect you in our cover article

February 2017

In February's edition of “The Subpostmaster” we welcome talk to you about how "The time for change has come" and welcome 3000 new members to the NFSP and also introduce you to the NFSP's new retail team on pages 9 - 11

November 2016

A look at how you can maximise your profits at Christmas, and we visit Post Office's new call centre in Chesterfield. News about the Wiltshire PO that won 'Best Community Store'!

December 2016

Insight into the increasingly competitive mails market, how the NFSP is having its say in parliament and advice about using price-marked packs.

October 2016

Why looking after you elderly customers could boost your profits, Are you ready for auto enrolment?, Why should you join the members' forum? CEO comment, letters and more...

September 2016

Chief Executive, George Thomson, argues for a more inclusive capitalism; we look at ways you can manage your queues better; continue our comparison of other postal services with a look Down Under; study autumn retail offers and more...

August 2016

We begin our new series looking at post office networks around the world and how they compare to our own in France, offer advice on how to engage younger customers, look at the best apps for your business, study bottled waters to help you decide which to stock and more...

July 2016

More from Conference, how to grow your eBay customers, a guide to tobacco legislation...more...

May 2016

We visit Multiple Retailer of the Year award winner in his Post Office/convenience store; catch up on NT; meet an apprentice who is giving and getting the most she can from the scheme; explore reasons for joining a symbol group and look at changes generally within the industry and retail...

June 2016

Conference special edition - 2016 - plus retail news; new products and your member benefits...

March 2016

In this third edition of the year - in depth analysis of the mails market; our lively letters page; a close up look at the UK's snacking habits; we continue our Retail Masterclass and more...

April 2016

How did Jasmit Singh create his award-winning sub post offices? Post Office and community; NFSP Council Election results; Euro 2016 from a retail perspective; how to save energy and money on energy spend; Conference 2016 preview...

February 2016

In this February 2016 edition we explore 'Customer Relationship Management'; talk to Michael Larkin - Head of Agency Network at POL; take a preview glimpse at the new-style Conference plans; share the lowdown on many retail matters plus information on new member deals and the usual benefits...

January 2016

In this edition we put your concerns to POL's NT Director, Neal Ennes; we look at the changing relationship between POs and banks; we look at how a 26 year old plumber took over a Post Office and made it a successful business plus more stories, your letters and all the usual deals and benefits..

December 2015

In the third issue of our new-look magazine, we focus on Network Transformation, with an in-depth interview with NT director, Neil Ennis. There's also latest retail offers, and masterclass features on retailing and security.

November 2015

In the second issue of our new-look magazine, we look at latest industry news, including the impact of proposed Sunday trading reforms on subpostmasters. Our cover star is Azmat Shah, Isle of Dogs subpostmaster, who is at the heart of his busy urban community. There's also latest retail offers, and the second of our retail masterclass special features.

August 2015

A look at what's in store for members of the NFSP following the signing of the MoU with Post Office Ltd, plus an update on staying the right side of health and safety laws, an interview with subpostmaster Subash Sharma and a feature on making the most of your back to school offering.

July 2015

Delegates at the Special Conference in Birmingham vote on the future of the NFSP. We also look at new products to tempt subpostmasters, new advertising campaigns for the summer months, and an NFSP member tells how his new Canon device is helping him in his business.

June 2015

A report on the NFSP 2015 Annual Conference looking back over the past year and forward to the future of the organisation, including speeches by Paula Vennells and Mark Siviter of POL plus a look at the retail exhibition including NFSP business partners and guests.

May 2015

The British high street has faced many challenges but is showing good health according to a recent report, we take a look at the changes. We also look at the latest product launches and promotions and offer some practical advice as to how to deal with restricted age products and sales.

April 2015

Ahead of the General Election, we take a look at where each of the parties stand on the issues affecting subpostmasters. There is also practical advice on how to make sure that you are getting the right Business Rates Relief as well as new offers from NFSP Business Partners Canon and IPS Retail.

March 2015

Including a look at the Post Office’s place in the telecoms market; how to stay on the right side of trading laws; making laundry sales work for your business; new products to try; a day in the life of Rutland subpostmaster Robin Bromiley; and Lynn Eagleton on her thriving South Shields convenience store.

February 2015

Including a look at new legislation on employing parents; how subpostmasters can serve their older customers; suggestions for new products to stock; a look at the chilled category and your questions answered by Ian Murray, Shadow Minister for Postal Services.

January 2015

Including a look at the Post Office's role within a changing banking sector; renewal of the POCA contract; making it easier for disabled customers; selling confectionary; subpostmaster Varinder Kumar in North Shields; and the Postal Services minister answers your questions.

December 2014

Including a look at the newspaper and magazine industry; how to prepare for the tobacco display ban; making the most of Spring retail occasions; generate income by stocking Acorn stairlifts literature; and Alkesh Gadher on his award-winning shop and its role in the local community.

November 2014

Including a report into how global postal services are coping with increased competition; everything you'll need to know about the new pension rules; a day in the life of Renfrewshire-based subpostmaster Ewen Shaw and how you can make your hot beverages offering work for you.

October 2014

Including a report on the threat to the public postal service from the expansion of rival letter delivery companies; guidance from Post Office Ltd on keeping your ATM secure; advice on preventing shoplifting; tips on maximising Christmas retail sales; and Owen Ratcliffe on his Isle of Wight post office. The link in this issue has been temporarily disabled. If you would like a copy of this edition please contact us on 01273 452324

September 2014

Including a report on Post Office Ltd’s finances and its impact on subpostmasters; a commemoration of the Post Office’s role in the First World War; new calls for a supermarket tax; cold and flu products; letters from members; and subpostmaster Paul Mather on his award-winning village store.

August 2014

Including a look at the rapid growth in alternative parcel outlets; the rules on employing young people; the latest trends in crisps and snacks; The Ryder Cup commemorative banknote; and Leicester subpostmaster Baz Pabari takes us through his day.

July 2014

Including a detailed look at subpostmasters’ options under the Network Transformation programme; how to get the best deal from energy suppliers; making the most of sugar confectionery; new products to boost retail sales; and Duncan Ellson on his passion for local food.

June 2014

Including all of the news from this year’s NFSP Annual Conference, featuring an interview with new National President Andrew Craddock; key speakers from the NFSP, Post Office Ltd and the government; a round-up from the Conference exhibition; and delegates’ views on this year’s event.

May 2014

Including an in-depth look at the state of the UK’s high streets; how social media could help you connect with new customers; the ongoing row over Royal Mail’s sale; trends in the soft drinks market; a day in the life of subpostmaster Bella Sood; and Michael McArdle in Northern Ireland.

April 2014

Including the latest on the Post Office card account and the future of benefits and pensions services at post offices; a guide to business rates relief for subpostmasters; how to boost your breakfast sales; catch up with Raj Mehan in his Glasgow post office; and new product lines for your retail business.

March 2014

Including how Post Office Ltd is fairing in the banking market; Postal Affairs Minister Jenny Willott answers your questions; advice on staff holiday leave; new product lines for your retail business; how to boost ice cream sales; and a chat with subpostmaster Bharat Viasni about his convenience store.

February 2014

Including Post Office Ltd's answers to your dangerous goods questions; why plans to make post offices the 'front office for government' have stalled; make the most of your home baking and household cleaning offers; and a chat with members Carolyn Smillie and Dawn Hall.

January 2014

Including a report from Special Conference; what changes to Network Transformation could mean for you; how subpostmasters go the extra mile to help their customers; retail ideas for a Big Night In; and a catch up with subpostmasters Claire Beharrell and David Andrews.

December 2013

Including a Christmas message from the National President; a guide to the support and advice available to subpostmasters; the work of the NFSP Benevolent Fund; an update on the 'Protect our post offices' campaign; and a catch up with subpostmasters Raj Patel and Gordon Gunn.

November 2013

Including why the Post Office should be a political priority; a look at the changing parcels market; how to make pet food and hot drinks-to-go a retail winner for your business; a catch up with young-at-heart Mindi Singh; and getting to know new Northern Ireland Executive Officer Wendy Burke.

October 2013

Including information making staff redundant; the NFSP's new 'Protect our post offices' campaign; cashing in on Christmas cards; why a photo booth from Photo-Me might be right for your office; Dawn Watson talks about her Local conversion; and a catch up with Nigel Hamilton-Evans.

September 2013

Including advice on personal security from Post Office Ltd's Grapevine Team; the NFSP's call for members to take action to halt the privatisation of Royal Mail; great new stationery and packaging ranges from IPS; book offers from NFSP Plus; and Heather Coysh on her concerns for the future.

August 2013

Including explanation from First Rate on how they supply currency to offices; a look at what Royal Mail privatisation could mean for the post office network; how to cash in on the fast-growing energy drinks market; getting ready for Halloween; and Margaret Butler takes us through a typical day in her post office.

July 2013

Including a round up of all the news from this year's Annual Conference, guest speakers Jo Swinson MP and Paula Vennells; a review of 2012 and looking to the year ahead; NFSP business partners at the Retail Exhibition; and getting to know new National President Andrew Gilhooly.

June 2013

Including your guide to Statutory Sick Pay; a look at government's failure to deliver promised new work; how to make the most of summer's retail opportunities; great deals on new cars and vans for NFSP members with Affinity Leasing; and a chat with award-winning retailer Penny Teale.

May 2013

Including a guide on selling age-restricted items; the results of our latest survey on subpostmaster income; details of great retail discounts and offers from NFSP Extra Save; how to make the most of soft drinks sales; and getting to know North West Regional Secretary David Hartley.

April 2013

Including a guide to business rates relief schemes across the UK; a look at how the new Universal Credit benefits system could affect post offices; retail advice on ice cream sales and Father's Day; a chat with member Amjad Siddiqui and the Shadow Postal Affairs Minister answers your questions.

March 2013

Including advice on how to prevent and deal with staff theft; how postal operators around the world are adapting to changing communications; Eco Approved explain how their shopfitting experience can help subpostmasters; and member Andrew Altendorff shares his sales experience.

February 2013

Including a guide to regulations surrounding the sale of food; how the NFSP works to raise post office issues with MPs; an introduction to new business partner Grass Roots International; Charlie Amarnath talks about life in a busy London post office; and getting to know Branch Secretary Chris Birch.

January 2013

Including a look at proposed changes to the UK's postal service; the General Secretary considers the network's future; great offers on essentials from NFSP Plus; Lynn Roddam talks about being the first on-site Main conversion; and the Minister for Postal Affairs answers your questions.

December 2012

Including information on changes to the way employers report staff pay and tax deductions: introducing our new benefit scheme - NFSP Plus; a report from this year's Independent Retail Show; Denise Bookbinder talks about her Cheshire post office; and Getting to know Jake Singh

November 2012

Including security advice for the festive season; how changes in communication are affecting the postal industry; facts and figures about Britain's local shops; introducing NFSP Extra Save; Heather Tingle explains how social media is helping to build sales; and getting to know Sunil Sood.

October 2012

Including how to deal with difficult customers in your post office; getting the most out of your NFSP membership; an update on the NFSP's DVLA campaign; tips to make your Christmas sales sparkle; and Sam Haire talks about his community role and meeting Prince Charles.

September 2012

Including how to get the most out of the re-launched NFSP Forum; an update on the NFSP's DVLA campaign; making the most of autumn sales opportunities; free Royal Mint cabinet offer for subpostmasters; and Nishma Patel talks about a typical day in her busy South London post office

August 2012

Including practical advice on mails segregation; a look at government's plans for post office mutualisation; details of the NFSP's campaign to secure more DVLA work for the Post Office; how to make the right first impression; and Lindsay Rodger on the unique role of her island post office.

July 2012

Including Paula Vennells and Norman Lamb MP at Conference; a review of the last year and looking ahead; a catch up with retail partners at Conference; subpostmasters share their Conference experiences; and getting to know new National President Bhavna Desai.

June 2012

Including guidance on employing new staff; how postal operators around the world are handling their effect on the environment; cashing in on ice cream sales; great deals from NFSP business partners Photo Me and Community Network; and Peter Stemmer tells us more about his role as a town crier.

May 2012

Including a review of the fast-growing electronic postal services market; an update on Network Transformation; how summer 2012 events could be a big cause for celebration for your retail business; and subpostmaster Sharran Jaspal on why running two post offices is better than one.

April 2012

Including information on business rates relief for subpostmasters; a look at credit unions, and the prospects for closer links with post offices; changes in the law on display of tobacco; offers from NFSP business partners; Sue Rendell on her thriving new café; and a day in the life of Pat Rainey.

March 2012

Including information on grants for Welsh post offices; an in-depth look at the future of retailing; information on developments in soft drinks products; details of NFSP business partners; London subpostmaster Pat Patalia on his busy office; and getting to know Branch Secretary Paul McBain.

February 2012

Including information on employees' holiday entitlement; a look at what the future holds for the mail business; how symbol groups could help boost your business; NFSP business partners Royal Mint and IPS team up; Steve Athey celebrates 10 years of innovation; and getting to know Sarvin Patel.

January 2012

Including information on helplines for subpostmasters; George Thomson talks to Postal Affairs Minister Edward Davey MP; the NFSP's new campaign to secure more government work for post offices; ideas to increase your Easter sales; and getting to know Branch Secretary Marilyn Hirst.

December 2011

Including information on last month's Special Conference; George Thomson on the future of the Post Office; ideas for Valentine's Day from three NFSP business partners; Ann Hollyman on how her new post office helped regenerate a South Wales town; and getting to know Keith Young.

November 2011

Including research on how post offices support older people; George Thomson on the CWU's recent recruitment campaign; how good service can keep your customers loyal; a catch up with the ultra-busy Kully Kaur; and getting to know Cambridge Branch Secretary Tim Lake.

October 2011

Including a guide to the free insurance offered to NFSP members; what can be done to save our high streets; cashing in on Christmas; an introduction to our latest retail business partner; a catch up with Cardiff subpostmaster Jean Calder; and the Rev Anne Potter's work.

September 2011

Including how the NFSP Benevolent Fund could benefit you; an update on Network Transformation; how a refit could transform your store; Bank Machine's ATM offer; how a government grant helped Pardeep Moudgil; and getting to know Neil Wolton, Essex Branch Secretary.

August 2011

Including advice on how to deal with business debts; a look at what Royal Mail privatisation could mean for the post office network; how to profit from greetings cards plus other business partner offers; and West Yorkshire subpostmaster Colin Sowerby takes us through a typical day.

July 2011

Including Edward Davey MP and Paula Vennells at NFSP Conference; a review of last year and looking to the year ahead; a catch up with some of our retail partners; subpostmasters share their Conference experiences; and getting to know the NFSP's new National President Kym Ledgar.

June 2011

Including how to reduce the risk of robbery in your office; an in-depth look at the global postal market; making pet food work on your retail side; a typical day with subpostmaster Mohammed Iqbal; and getting to know Simon Clarke, Lincoln and Grimsby Branch Secretary.

May 2011

Including a guide to grants and rates relief available to help your post office; a look at what mutualisation of the Post Office could mean for the future; how to boost your soft drinks sales; more deals from business partners; and we catch up with the Langleys at their Somerset post office.

April 2011

Including your guide to employees' maternity and paternity rights; a look at the changes ahead for the post office network; advice on getting ready for the ice cream sales season; how NFSP business partner IPS can help your retail business; and a typical day with subpostmaster Mehmuna Mallu.

March 2011

Including a guide to employing older workers; making the most of your membership and how to contact your local NFSP representative; how merchandising can make a difference; cashing in on Mother's Day; how a post office changed Rachel Knell's life; and a typical day with Emma O'Connor.

February 2011

Including a guide to workplace health and safety; a look at the future of community-run post offices; making the most of the 'Big Night In' trend; could an ATM could be good for your post office?; how a tea room has boosted Alan Hyam's post office business; and a typical day with Saj Hussain.

January 2011

Including a guide to Grapevine; the General Secretary on why the NFSP is backing of the Postal Services Bill; spring confectionery ideas; car deals for NFSP members; Moya Greene from Royal Mail Group answers your questions; and getting to know Regional Treasurer Peter Harrison.

December 2010

Including government plans for the future of the network; making Valentine's Day a profitable occasion; how to save money on your energy bills; Edward Davey MP, Postal Affairs Minister, answers your questions; a day with William Stewart; and a subpostmaster tells of life in the Highlands.

November 2010

Including an in-depth look at the new proposed Postal Services Bill; why batteries are an essential line to stock on your retail side; details of the great offers available from NFSP business partners; and Cams Campbell talks about his post office on the Isle of Arran.

October 2010

Including a look at historical changes in the post office network; Christmas sales opportunities and greetings cards offers; Russell Brown MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for post offices, answers your questions; and Waheeda Akram talks about her store.

September 2010

Including a summary of the Open Debate sessions at Conference 2010; how the NFSP Forum can help you; how to cash in on Halloween and Bonfire Night; getting to know Ramesh Jassi, Midland Region Membership Officer and Walsall, Wolverhampton and Dudley Branch President.

August 2010

Including how to save money on your energy bills; a look at the threats, challenges and opportunities facing national postal operators around the world; a look at the forthcoming changes to the display and sale of tobacco; and getting to know Wales/Cymru Branch Secretary Chris Lewis.

July 2010

Including details of the Scottish post office grant scheme; a look at the NFSP Benevolent Fund; how to make the most of soft drinks sales; the Managing Director of Post Office Ltd answers your questions; and getting to know Paul Haines, North East Executive Officer and Chair of the Board of Benevolence.

June 2010

Including a look the changing ways in which the public pays for products; Post Office Ltd's Managing Director David Smith addresses Conference; this year's Conference motions; HR4UK answer your questions on employment issues; and getting to know new National President Stephen Harper.

May 2010

Including guidance on redundancy rules; a look at government banking proposals; profiting from ice cream and the World Cup; Post Office Ltd's National Mailwork Manager answers your questions; Jim Nott talks about fundraising for the Benevolent Fund; and getting to know Pervez Nakvi.

April 2010

Including profiles of The Subpostmaster's prospective Members' Editor; a look at the new rates revaluation; preparing for the General Election; the Chairman of Royal Mail Group answers your questions; and Mohammed Mesbah on capitalising on the foreign embassies close to his office.

March 2010

Including a guide to health and safety procedures for mailwork offices; the NFSP's views on banking at post offices; making food-to-go work for you; Grapevine's Trevor Barton answers your questions; and Ged McGrath explains how his outreach service has revived a Cumbrian village.

February 2010

Including how to understand Statutory Sick Pay; what councils are doing to provide more work through post offices; an update on Conference 2009 motions; NS&I Chief Executive answers your questions; getting to know Branch Secretary Arthur McQuitty; and Penny Sunaway talks retail.

January 2010

Including how to find out if you can reduce your energy bills; Post Office Ltd (POL) responds to issues raised at Conference; easy Easter profits; POL's Horizon Online Programme Manager answers your questions; and how a government grant has transformed Trish Jenkins' office.