UK consumers to spend almost £700m on Father’s Day this year, hardly up from last

15 June 2017

Weakening consumer confidence, coupled with macroeconomic uncertainty has meant Father’s Day spend on food, gifts and cards will only grow by £3.7m this year, according to a retail analyst.

Spending this year on Father’s Day is forecast to grow to £695.2m; however this will be predominantly driven by inflation, which in May 2017 was at a four year high of 2.9%. Food gifting will be the category most affected by increased prices and as a result is expected to grow by 1.4%. (However some of this price inflation will be offset by the increased competition at the value end of the grocery market, from the likes of Aldi and Lidl).

Father’s Day seen as less important than Mother’s Day reducing consumer’s propensity to spend.

Last year the proportion of consumers ranking Father's Day as less important than Mother’s Day increased 15.6%, with 24.5% of shoppers surveyed agreeing. As a result the gap between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day spend widened, with total retail spend on Mother’s day in 2017 valued at almost £1.4bn

Eleanor Parr, retail analyst at GlobalData says: “As consumers’ disposable incomes become squeezed due to real wage declines, consumers will be more reluctant to allocate discretionary spend on occasions which are considered less important, therefore driving a volume decline in the market. Father’s Day spending will become a victim of this trend, with the slight increase in spend driven prominently by increased prices rather than shoppers willingness to upgrade their Father’s Day gift purchases this year.”