Royal Mail issues new ad campaign to fight identity scammers

28 July 2017

Royal Mail has launched a new ad to highlight the dangers of identity fraud.

Created by agency M&C Saatchi, ‘Heist’ is set in a busy bank that comes under attack from armed robbers. Bank staff and customers offer them cash straight away, but the rogues in balaclavas tell them: “We don’t want your money.”

Instead they demand victims to give up their details, including date of birth, address and the names of their children. As one raider coerces the information out of the hostages, another types it all into an iPad.

Once they’ve collected the personal details, the gang leaves the bank with no money whatsoever.

The end line of the ad reads: ‘Your identity is now your most valuable possession’, and directs viewers to the Royal Mail ID Fraud Centre.

The spot can be viewed here.