POL have simplified COP procedure after feedback from subpostmasters

08 March 2017

Post Office Ltd has simplified its Certificate of Posting (COP) procedures after consultation with subpostmasters.

“We listened to feedback from branches about the new Returns button we launched last November, and simplified it as a result,” said a POL spokesperson.

“The top requests were for Certificates of Posting (COP) to be marked ‘Yes’ as the default option and for the scales to read through to the screen, particularly for fortress positions.”

Iney Penlington from Offenham Village Stores and Post Office was one of several postmasters who suggested these improvements. Fast forward a few weeks and the change to make COP the default option went live on February 21, along with other improvements.

Iney said: “I  am pleased that ‘yes’ is now the COP default. It has greatly improved the process for mails transactions.”

POL said that other improvements were in the pipeline, including the development of an improvement so the scales will read through to the Horizon screen for returns; this should be available from the end of next month.



* By 20 February, 7,129 branches had used the simplified Returns transactions, which is 69% of all branches who did a Return, according to POL.

* 287,347 transactions used the new process - 53% of all Returns done in that period.

* POL claims these improvements have reduced the total amount of time spent transacting by around 20,311 hours so far.