Mars kicks off new £3m Galaxy marketing campaign with TV advert

01 September 2017

Mars Chocolate UK will on Sunday launch a new advert for Galaxy – the UK’s second-biggest selling chocolate brand - bidding a fond farewell to the Audrey Hepburn campaign, which has been on screens since 2013.

Thought Train, features the award-winning Shakespearean actress and poet Jade Anouka, and is ‘a representation of an empowered woman in a hectic world’.

In a statement, the company said it wanted Galaxy to ‘inspire people to put distractions aside and commit to a mind-set that chooses pleasure not as a luxury, but as an essential.’

The new ad forms one part a £3m campaign that will see online advertising play a key role in supporting the launch of the TVC - from launch through to the end of 2017.

Galaxy is Mars’ biggest confectionery brand in the UK, worth approximately £210m at retail.