Labour pledges to re-nationalise Royal Mail in its leaked draft Election Manifesto

11 May 2017

Labour’s draft Manifesto for the forthcoming General Election, which was leaked last night, pledges to re-nationalise the Royal Mail (along with the railways and the energy utilities).

The Manifesto says: “The Conservative government’s privatisation of Royal Mail was a historic mistake, selling off another national asset on the cheap. Labour will reverse this privatisation at the earliest opportunity, because it is a profitable company that should still be giving a return to the many not the few, and because key national infrastructure like a postal system is best delivered in public ownership.”

According to polling, renationalisation could prove popular with voters, with the most recent polls showing 67% of voters back the idea. The post office unions say Royal Mail was worth £10bn when it was sold in 2013 for £3.3bn.