How much do you and your staff know about the forthcoming tobacco legislation?

15 May 2017

Are you and your staff 100% clear and prepared for the new tobacco legislation (EUTPD II, which comes into force on May 20)?

Here’s your chance to find out - online education specialist Bolt Learning has created a complimentary five-minute training module and quiz to enable you and your staff to test your knowledge.

The training module and quiz can be accesses via: You’ll even get a certificate when you’ve completed the module.

According to research by Bolt Learning, a third of convenience retailers state that keeping staff up to date with changes in legislation is a challenge for their business, and 63% want training modules that will help them comply with the law.

“Online modules, similar to this, can be a great way to ensure our teams have access to critical information to enable them to do their jobs, whether it be around compliance or improving their retail knowledge and driving performance in store” explains Tom Fender, Director at Bolt Learning.

”Often business owners and store managers get an abundance of information about these business-critical issues, but we need to be confident it’s also filtering through to our wider teams.”