A Worcestershire Post Office has seen a surge in business after becoming a community banking hub when the last bank in the area closed earlier this week.

17 March 2017

Lloyds Bank, in Barnards Green Road, Malvern, was the area's last remaining branch before it closed on Monday (March 13).

Jenny Cain, town councillor and owner of the Post Office in Court Road, Barnards Green, told the local media: "The bank closed on Monday. I knew there would be an uptake in business but I didn't expect this much. The overriding message is, don't abandon us and go to the top of the hill. Don't desert us.

"With banks closing people don't realise our services are available. We [post offices] will still be here in 40 years' time.

"The Post Office is my private business. I'm not going anywhere, it's not like a bank manager changing.

"My customers know they will see me every time. There's still quite a few people that don't know the bank is closed.

"We need to say to people stay in the green, you can do your banking here."

Ms Cain is now encouraging other residents from the area to come to her for banking services: paying in money and cheques and withdrawing cash, insurance, travel money; the branch also has a mortgage specialist who comes in every week.

"We also have an ATM and a full range of savings accounts. I'm the only person in the Green that does that level of banking now," she said.

Jane Knowles, chair of local business group Barnards Green Traders, said: "All the traders in the Green are going to support our post office that services can now be handled by the Post Office.

"Our regulars want to go to the fresh vegetable shop and want to get the things they need in the area they live and having to commute elsewhere isn't want people want to do.

"I'm thrilled it's been so popular. It shows that the community of traders is effective and can work together to an aim."