DVLA Campaign 2012

DVLA campaign 2012

tax discs

In 2012 the Driver Vehicle and Licencing Agency (DVLA) invited bids from organisations interested in providing its services across their counters.

Post Office Ltd (POL) bid for the contract as many services, such as car tax discs, were already available through post offices and retention of the contract was vital to the future of the network.

The NFSP launched a campaign to help secure the work for the Post Office. Subpostmasters encouraged their customers to sign and send campaign postcards to the MP. Many also contacted their local media to help generate support and spread the word.

On 13 November 2012 the government announced its decision to award the DVLA contract to the Post Office.

What we said during the campaign:

Post Office Ltd (POL) is currently bidding for a 10-year contract with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). The NFSP is calling on all subpostmasters to take action to help secure the DVLA contract and new government work.

DVLA work forms an essential part of the drive for our post offices to become a genuine ‘front office for government’, offering a wide range of central and local government services to our customers. The contract includes DVA work in Northern Ireland, as well as DVLA work in England, Scotland and Wales; and is estimated to be worth around £60m a year income for POL.

It is essential to all of our post offices that POL wins the DVLA contract because:

  • If POL wins the DVLA contract, its status as a ‘framework contract’ means it will be easier for POL to be awarded a whole host of other, future government contracts without having to go out to competitive tender. These new government contracts can simply be awarded directly to POL, some of which should provide work for all post offices.
  • The income from contracts such as the DVLA enables POL to help maintain essential services such as Horizon and Cash in Transit, which benefit all post offices, and also allows POL to continue with fixed pay.


Take action
Our post offices are the natural home for all forms of government work. It’s also clear that the network needs this new work if it is to be financially sustainable in the future. When we, together with our customers, make our voices heard we can persuade the government to act in the best interests of our network.

Write to your local MP asking them to take action
Download a template letter in pdf  or word  

You can also download our campaign poster and postcard .

Alternatively, you can visit our campaign website and send an email to your MP.

Don’t know who your MP is or how to contact them? You can find out using this website.

A copy of this letter, along with postcards and posters, was sent to all subpostmasters in July 2012.

Contact your local media
Subpostmasters may wish to approach their local media to help spread the word about customer and MP support for the DVLA campaign. To help we have provided a template press release and letter to the editor .  

Just fill in the relevant details where indicated and contact the newsdesk at your local paper.

Follow-up materials

Now that the DVLA contract has been awarded to Post Office Ltd, subpostmasters may once again wish to contact their local media to issue a thank you to customers and MPs who supported the NFSP’s successful campaign.

To help, we have provided a template letter to the editor . Simply fill in the relevant details where indicated and contact the newsdesk at your local paper.